Make amazing friends for life

Get flirty and meet someone special

One of the top cities around the world – London

Simply put, iParty events are

  • Something that money cannot buy
  • A valuable experience with your friends
  • Something different, unique and very fun
  • Uniquely a University activity, you’ll never do this again once you graduate

You won’t be disappointed – get tickets as soon as they are annouced, tickets will sell out before you know it.

iParty runs events in the following Universities:

  1. Royal Holloway, University of London under the trading name iParty RHUL
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  2. University of Surrey
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How was iParty created?

In the Summer of 2010, two Royal Holloway students, David and Sandy got bored and thought to themselves “How can I make the next term better?”.

Their solution: bring themselves and other students to the best events in and around London.

At the time, they were first year students and had only been to one event in London – Ministry of Sound on Tuesdays (known as Milkshake). They went by train, paid full price and queued ages for entry, and then waited until 5:30am for the first train back. They returned to Egham at around 7am – tired to death. Needless to say it was their first and last time taking the train to a clubbing event in London.

They called everyone they knew until they knew who to talk to and bring together their first ever event which was to Oceana. The event sold out, 250 students attended and the business prospered. Since then, iParty has been the largest and most off campus events organiser at Royal Holloway.

In 2012, iParty spread to The University of Surrey and Brunel University.